Reneisha holding a giant platter with a card that reads "Happy Holidays Reneisha! Love, Ralph"

Koodofied Holiday Greetings

Making the holidays happier. Koodo style.

Getting together over the holidays was a no-go for a lot of Canadians this year, which meant sending each other holiday cards was going to be an even bigger deal than usual. So for our latest Random Act of Happiness, we helped people step up their season’s greetings by doing something special for the friends and family they couldn’t be with.

Why send a card when you can send a billboard?

We turned our billboards into holiday cards by using them to send personalized greetings across the country.

Billboard reading "Auntie May! We miss you!"
Billboard reading: "Hey Luke! Wassup? Miss you buddy! Cya in 2021. From Lauren in Kelowna"

Raph’s sweet surprise for his BFF.

Raph’s BFF Reneisha loves to bake, so we helped him pull off a very sweet surprise by turning her front lawn into every baker’s dream (and every dentist’s worst nightmare).

Reneisha smiling after seeing a bunch of balloons.
Reneisha on her porch, smiling. Holiday lawn ornaments decorate the foregound.

A special delivery from Deutschland.

Rachel’s parents couldn’t spend the holidays with her in Berlin, so we helped her send a little bit of Berlin to them and their incredibly photogenic hound named Smudge. Hund is German for dog, but you already knew that. And Smudge? Well that’s just the best dog name ever.

Smiling grandparents receive a gift basket.
Gift basket's tag reads: "Happy Holidays Mom & Dad! Love, Rachel"

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