Stefano looking at a laptop

Stefano’s Special Delivery

No laptop. No problem.

When it comes to education, Stefano can’t get enough. He’s always loved learning, and is about to pursue a major in Biological Sciences. But when classes went online, Stefano’s teacher was worried he might have trouble keeping up while sharing one laptop with his whole family. So she reached out to us, and we put together a Random Acts of Happiness care package to help launch this young scientist into a successful academic career.

Stefano’s also an avid birdwatcher, so we gave him some cool gear and a membership to the American Birdwatching Association.

Stefano giving a thumbs up sign with all his gear surrounding him
Stefano opening a box
Stefano pulling items out of the opened box
Stefano looking at an item pulled from the care package

With his new membership, Stefano chose to keep spreading the happiness by adopting the vulnerable (and oh so adorable) Atlantic Puffin. Way to be, Stefano. Way to be.

Stefano giving a thumbs up holding a MacBook and Koodo phone

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